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Monday, March 11, 2013

Moved for Good

Dear Friends,

I had a great time, blogging from this platform for the past 8-9 years. At this point, I have outgrown it. Just these blogs ( & ), not 'blogging' in general!
Yep, I have moved:)

I have created a brand new website, and somehow managed to export all the posts and comments to this new destination. I have carefully indexed it and made it bit browser-friendly, this time.

Please, feel free to meet me over there.

And if you are a blog-follower or you have a link to my blog in your sidebar, or you're a google-reader, or or RSS reader, please update your links. 

The new website
My new email id :   
New Post :             

From now on, all my posts will be updated at Kitchen Tantras. I appreciate your support and encouragement. Hope, you will enjoy your visit! Looking forward to connect with you all soon, buddies:)

Thank you,
Malar Gandhi